About Us

CUDELO is a consortium of designers - Collaboration in design. Creativity in thinking. We start by listening - We want you to be an active and engaged part of the team. In order to do that, we provide you with the tools and resources so that you can make educated decisions throughout the process. We give you what you want - Most projects come to us loaded with extra features that hike up the project costs and extend the deadlines. Or designers that lead with egos. Not us, let's create!

Our Process

  • Brand Workshop
  • Market Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Build Concept
  • Mockups
  • Development & Build
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Ongoing Management

We make it look easy.

Each and every project is unique and requires a custom solution. Our methods are constantly evolving to accommodate the needs of our clients, but in each case
our process remains the same.

  • Design

    Example page spreads and layouts are produced. Accompanying fonts and colour palettes are defined. Branding and logo concepts are sketched.

  • Development

    Concepts are presented and your feedback and comments are gathered. Designs are finalized and presented for your approval and sign off. Development starts.

  • Deliver

    Once the project has been built, we ensure a successful launch. Now the fun starts as we get your new creation in front of your audience.

Happy Clients
Lines of Code
Projects Finished

Our Services

Our ideas are conceived with a clear goal to get our clients noticed and their message communicated. We regularly evaluate our effectiveness in each service area ensuring we can maximize longevity and value for each client.

Brand Identity

Unique personality and brand voice is a great way to stand out.

Web Design

Engages and informs the user while at the same time inspiring action.

Web Development

We select the best technology across all browsers and devices.

SEO Optimization

Take your business to the top where your customers can find it.

Content Management

No matter how good your content is, for it to be effective, it needs to be backed by a hard working content marketing strategy.

Mobile App Design

It is a mobile world. End-to-end services for mobile website and mobile app development span all major platforms.

Video & Photography

Embrace video and photography as an important part of the brand ecosystem. Cross-pollination occurs across all media.

Social Media

Help you better understand the tools available to you and the benefits of the different networks. Let's plan and execute your strategy.

Our Recent Projects

Our team is comprised of the leading experts in data, technology, design and marketing. Our unique approach to cross-functional delivery sparks unforgettable work, and inspires incredible outcomes.

Our Leadership Team

We are so pleased to have an accomplished group of leaders as part of our Cudelo Design Leadership Team. Each one of our team members come from diverse backgrounds and each have their own artistic style - whether in asking the right questions or designing the right campaign, we promise to take care of you.


Creative Director

Amazing designer and great strategist.


Dir, Professional Services

Certifications in PHR, SHRM, and CTT. Trains and organizes.


Chief Consultant

Key advisor on all technical and leadership issues.


Dir, Account Management

Has taught the most difficult to become awesome.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Packages

We like to grow with our clients. Start with what you need and then let's develop and project where you want to be. Our packages aim to work with business of all sizes. Before selecting a monthly engagement, let us discuss what fits and customize an option.

Watch our video

OK. Some of our videos are goofy, because we are nerds - goofy works. We are different, each and every one of us. So we embrace our diversity so please check back often to see who we feature on our site and on our YouTube channel. This is our "corporate" version. Enjoy.

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